Garage Door Repair Naperville – Some Common Issues for Garage Door Owners

Have you experienced having problems with your garage doors? Flicked the wall switch or pressed the button on the remote for the door openers but it still does not function? Do not immediately assume that your doors are broken. Imagine having to call a service when all it takes is for you to plug in the electric chord back to the wall socket. How embarrassing (not to mention a waste of money) is that?


Check out these common issues first and you can save a ton of cash from jumping the gun over getting professional services for the doors on your garage:

Check the cables on your automatic garage doors. If the cables that make the doors move are broken then they immediately need replacement. These cables can snap at anytime and it is VERY dangerous to have these break. Imagine if the cables break while you are trying to open the doors; see that vision on your head about your garage doors suddenly slamming down?

Garage door spring issues. Extremely hot or extremely cold weather can destroy the metal springs on your garage doors. Battling the harsh elements tend to get these parts weak. If there is a noticeable gap on the springs, or there is rust build up, or if there are noticeable dents on the springs, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO OPEN THE DOOR. Spring repairs for garage doors should only be handled by professionals or for people who know how to get them fixed as the task can be quite dangerous to get it done.

Sensors have trouble detecting the remote. When you press the button on your remote, does it require you to press the button multiple times before the doors open or close? If this is the case, check the sensors (or photo detectors) if there is something obstructing the view. Sometimes the lens on these sensors get dirty hence the inability to immediately detect remote functions.

Power cable is not plugged in. Sometimes the most frustrating problems can have the simplest solutions. Many garage door owners immediately get frustrated if their garage doors are not working or is not turning on. Sometimes the chord connecting the door motors to the wall socket is accidentally disconnected. Putting the connector back in its place will most probably solve the problem.

If you have done everything you could but the doors still seem to have problems then better get help from professional services. Garage Door Repair Naperville can aid you in acquiring the help you need as they can assist you with all types of problems concerning your garage doors.

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